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Service Technician - Concord, CA

Branch ID: 3203


Pay Rate/Salary: $48,000.00 - $50,000.00

1 – Perform quarterly, semi-annual and annual preventive maintenance on sites. This involves mechanical and electrical preventive tasks such as re-greasing bearings, changing filters and Hydraulic oil for free wheel clutches, replacing and adjusting carbon brushes, replacing electrical components such as relays and sensors when required. During the annual preventive maintenance a complete inspection of the control panels is performed.

2 – For each preventive maintenance visit on site a check list report is to be filled out as well as a “Field Service Report”. Also, supervision of outside diesel service technicians is required during the annual maintenance.

3 – Responsible to perform troubleshooting tasks of the equipment for both electrical and mechanical components with the help of the HITEC Application Engineer. Responsible for disconnecting, reconnecting and performing alignment of major components such as generators, induction couplings and free wheel clutches when replacement is needed. In addition vibration measurements will be taken during most of the regular visits or when components are replaced. Checking and recording events with laptop computer is required in some cases.

4 – Responsible to communicate, on site, with customers with a professional attitude, presentation and rapport. This may involve the confirmation of arrival time on site and status of the equipment. HITEC emphasizes and demands the mental and physical attitude of first class service. The HITEC equipment is always in a critical application mode 24-7-365 and customers request first class service by first class professional technicians.

5 – The HITEC equipment is highly complex and requires training in order to assume the maintenance and service tasks. Training at the factory in Holland will be provided and field training in parallel with experienced technician will provided for several months. Later, after sufficient experience and training is acquired for commissioning of new equipment may be added as required task.

6 – This job requires extensive traveling and availability 24-7-365 on short notice with waiting time between calls. An area of sites will be assigned; however, travel in the US may be required to help other regions. In rare cases this may include Mexican, Canadian, territories and South America or other foreign countries.

7 – Benefits and compensation will be discussed in detail during interview.

- Experience in electrical and mechanical maintenance and service field - Willingness to learn and travel when required - Excellent written and verbal communication skills - Familiar with computer (laptop) basic operation - Ability to project professional service attitude - Willingness to work long hours when required

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Concord, CA


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Direct Hire Position


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Service Technician

City, State or Zip Code: Concord, CA

Position Type: Direct Hire Position

Date Posted: 8/07/2018