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Maintenance Purchaser - Delaware, OH

Branch ID: 593


Pay Rate/Salary: $40,000.00 - $66,000.00

Maintenance Storeroom Purchaser Requirements/Expectations


Work Safely.

Follow all LOTO and Try procedures.
Observe all safety rules.

Work Ethics

Follow all International Paper work rules.
Need to have a high sense of urgency when a machine is down.
Show good communication skills with supervisors and co-workers.
Communicate with co-workers, operators and supervisors on a daily basis about concerns they may have.
Pass on information on problems encountered during the shift.
Communicate with fellow maintenance personnel on ideas, procedures, problems, etc…
Keep supervisors and operators informed of progress during a breakdown.
Be proactive. Take it upon yourself to look for potential problems and look for ways to improve our processes.
Work with little or no supervision.

Use all resources to take care of problems. (make phone calls, research, etc…)
Show the desire to keep building on the knowledge you have acquired.

Skill Levels

Continue to improve knowledge using SAP. (Work Order, Purchasing, and Inventory processes)


Help maintain equipment in safe operating conditions.
Plant wide material and supply ordering-inventory and monitor levels of all materials needed for production and maintenance. Including but not limited to:
· Starch, caustic, IPX,
· Flexo, Post and Labeler glue
· All shop supplies ie pig blankets, cleaners, die wash etc.
· Bundle strapping and bander strapping.
· All parts orders including MRO, and repair parts.
· Loadtag paper, Wipeall paper towels etc.
· When materials arrive, put them away.

Maintain parts inventory-this includes cycle counts and monitoring inventory levels.
Work order kitting-as work orders are created and parts list generated, kit all parts needed.
Work order Maintenance-maintain spreadsheet of all open work orders to include status of all parts on order and what kits are complete.

Budget communication-maintain spreadsheet for budget. This is generated mid-week and reported on every Friday.
Repair parts-quoting (if needed), ordering, Tracking ETA, and provide daily update on status of critical parts
(this update may be needed more frequently than daily on hot or critical breakdown issues)
Operations Wear Cabinets

· inventory and monitor wear parts for each machine.

· Monitor levels and order replacements base on min/max system.
· Put away/restock cabinets.
Contractor Maintenance

· Acquire quotes and generate PO's

· Ensure all contractors have the needed insurance certs and completed training documentation
· Communicate the schedule to all leadership team using Outlook Calendar.

Manage PINS process.

Make yourself available and approachable to all maintenance personnel to aid in training and troubleshooting


Help train current and new employees.
Communicate with Maintenance Manager about areas in which you wish to increase your skill levels.


Continue to improve knowledge using SAP. (Work Order, Purchasing, and Inventory processes)

Job ID:

Branch ID:

Delaware, OH


Job Type:
Direct Hire Position


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Maintenance Purchaser

City, State or Zip Code: Delaware, OH

Position Type: Direct Hire Position

Date Posted: 6/12/2018