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Receiver - Los Angeles, CA

Branch ID: 3212


Pay Rate/Salary: $13.25 - $13.25

Receivers are responsible for all functions and paperwork relating to receiving. Receivers must proper procedures for receiving all products entering the warehouse including verifying actual product against packing slips, confirming product integrity, and checking product temperatures as needed. They must initial and code invoices, log invoices, and distribute to appropriate departments. Receivers are responsible for maintaining cleanliness of receiving area including loading dock and trash areas

  • Arrive to work as scheduled.
  • Clock in and then retrieve assigned dolly.
  • Report to receiving supervisor to get job assignment. It may be necessary to work multiple areas and multiple tasks.
  • Receive product per company SOPs. (Standard Operating Procures) Label individual boxes as required.
  • Use slot and lot numbers to identify where to store product. Store product using the First In / First Out (FIFO) method.
  • Handle returns/rejections according to company SOPs.
  • Since produce is a perishable product, the quality and freshness of the stored product must be checked daily.
  • All night pickers must take their first 10 minute break at 1AM, the second at 4AM. The break start and stop announcements will be made on the PA system.
  • A 30 minute meal period is listed on the schedule for each employee. This schedule must be followed. It allows for a smooth and consistent business flow.
  • Follow all instructions of all managers and supervisors.
  • All overtime must be approved by a supervisor or manager.

Summary of essential job functions

    • It is expected that all employees work with safety in mind at all times. Be aware of your surroundings. Wear appropriate safety shoes and head coverings as required by our HACCP policy. Follow proper lifting techniques and never place yourself in an unsafe situation.
    • To be able to receive per company SOPs.
    • All employees are expected to arrive to work as scheduled. Schedules are posted as soon as the next week's business levels are determined.

Abilities required

To be able to move, push or pull 50lbs frequently during the work shift.

Be able to follow instructions with minimum supervision.

Be able to arrive to work as scheduled.

Be able to work safely and avoid accidents.

Two years produce warehousing experience preferred. Have a working knowledge of basic produce items. Understand grading scales and stages of vegetable and fruit maturity. To be able to work safely and follow HACCP regulations. To be able to read and write basic English.

Job ID:

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Los Angeles, CA


Job Type:
Temp to Hire Position


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City, State or Zip Code: Los Angeles, CA

Position Type: Temp to Hire Position

Date Posted: 7/30/2018