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Accounts Payables / AP Accounting Technician - Santa Clara, CA

Branch ID: 3277


Seeking an Accounting Technician to join our team on a contract-to-hire basis. This person would be supporting an established electronics & ceramics company in Santa Clara, CA.

WORK LOCATION: Santa Clara, California


1. Utilizes broad knowledge of accounting principles related to classifying, recording, and summarizing data and making computations to compile and keep financial records.

2. Finalizes accounting reports.

3. Studies and analyzes accounting records for purposes of preparing statements and reports

4. Includes such activities as keeping and verifying records of transactions; receiving and disbursing money; computing and verifying amounts; preparing records; combining data and performing computations to create statistical records; and computing costs, verifying bills, invoices, rates, tariffs, duties, and amounts due.

5. Track accounts payables and issue check disbursement, cash receipts, and 1099 issues.

6. Prepares and keeps financial and business transaction data up-to-date, applying accepted procedures, and prepares reports to ensure accurate accounting records.

7. Performs complex clerical and entry-level accounting activities.

8. Compiles and checks source documents, such as vouchers, invoices, purchase orders, and cash receipts, for completeness and accuracy, and prepares reports

9. Verifies and posts details of business transactions to appropriate ledgers and journals, and totals accounts.

10. Analyzes the effects of transactions upon account relationships

11. Confirms that establishment complies with periodic tax payment, information reporting, and other taxing authority requirements.

12. Compiles information and submits to accounting firm for income tax filing preparation, property tax, and other tax related filings.

13. Other duties as assigned.


Broad working knowledge of Accounting standards, and the ability to research and seek guidance for clarification. Understand the entire sales process as it pertains to accounting. Skills to plan work and meet deadlines. Excellent written and verbal communication skills. Detail oriented and have the ability to handle multiple projects and priorities in a fast paced environment. Strong critical thinking and analytical skills, as well as sound judgment. Strong public relations and interpersonal skills needed for harmonious work relationships and ability to serve internal and external customers. Demonstrated ability to analyze data and provide solutions. Maintains positive customer focused approach and maintains confidentiality at all times, while interacting with staff from all company locations. Proficient with Accounting Systems and MS Office suite of products (Word, Excel, PowerPoint). Physical skills and ability to perform work that requires sitting, walking, stooping, bending and lifting up to 35 pounds.


1. BS or equivalent education in accounting or business finance, preferred

2. A minimum of 2 years work experience doing similar duties.

3. Written (mostly through email) and verbal communication skills are required to communicate with sales people, branch administrators, and coworkers about collections, sales, sales tax, and JSOX and auditor documentation issues.

4. Knowledge of Microsoft Office and Solomon or other accounting database systems required. Intermediate knowledge of Microsoft Excel.

5. Sales tax and financial statement consolidation knowledge is preferred. Must be flexible in work hours and schedules during reporting and closing deadline time frames


Experience compiling records and verifying bills, invoices, tariffs, etc. Experience working with sales tax.

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Santa Clara, CA


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Temp to Hire Position


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Accounts Payables / AP Accounting Technician

City, State or Zip Code: Santa Clara, CA

Position Type: Temp to Hire Position

Date Posted: 8/06/2018