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Personal Assistant to Co Founder - New York, NY

Branch ID: 5100


Pay Rate/Salary: $55,000.00 - $75,000.00

Personal Assistant in the office to work with EA and household staff, providing support to principal, and partial support to spouse.

  • Overall management of every element of employer life both personal and some professional; manage daily routine of office including but not limited to phones, filing, correspondence, mail, errands

  • Handle intense, complex and ever changing travel itineraries both private and commercial; liaison with pilots, assistants and drivers

  • Calendar management requiring ever changing appointments and itineraries; keep annual calendar on employer whereabouts for tax purposes

  • Communications liaison with office partners and assistants

  • Maintain personal accounting and records; budget for renovations, personal projects and events

  • Perform data analysis and research for the purchase and sale of valuable art and fine antiques

  • Proxy for employer in his absence; represent employer on meetings with condo boards, real estate transactions, art transactions and philanthropic boards

  • Travel extensively with employer to meet all personal and professional needs

  • Keep employer updated on latest technology advances for web and social media and update equipment and websites as necessary

  • Supervise assistants, household staff including but not limited to housekeepers, butlers, chefs and temporary personnel

  • Estate manage for residences; hire staff for estates and oversee management of all personnel including but not limited to estate managers, grounds keepers, pool servicing, housekeepers

  • Project manage estate renovations and oversee every element from design implementation, meeting with but not limited to architects, interior designers, general contractors, electricians, plumbers

  • Manage flow of information regarding multiple ongoing and one time projects; produce weekly documentation tracking progress and budgets on various projects both routine and innovative

  • Handle home Audio/Video installation and updates; literate in employer audio/video and IT equipment and systems and produced manuals on the operation of all

  • Prepare, format and summarize critical information and research regarding overall scope and timing of projects including yearly, monthly and new initiatives

  • Meet critical and intense deadlines on initiatives, projects and events

  • Design and oversaw every aspect of event planning and production; coordinate all aspects of events including guest lists, invitations, food and wine tastings and hiring of all vendors needed to produce events

  • Manage and oversee all philanthropic projects; research employer philanthropic efforts to assure transparency and good governance

  • Coordinate the purchase of art, antiques, wine from various auction houses, process payments and shipments of items purchased or sold

  • Research professional/business and personal items online and through archival bases based on employer interest and current trends

  • Interact as representative of employer with high level executives, politicians and celebrities; entertain at a high level for both personal and professional interests of employer

  • Handle and managed family customized services as needed


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New York, NY

Admin - Clerical

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Direct Hire Position
Admin - Clerical


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Personal Assistant to Co Founder

City, State or Zip Code: New York, NY

Position Type: Direct Hire Position

Date Posted: 9/07/2018