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CNC Lathe Operator - North Little Rock, AR

Branch ID: 5098


Pay Rate/Salary: $17.00 - $25.00

The occupation entails monitoring and operating CNC (computer numerically controlled) lathe machines to cut metal and plastic parts for the manufacturing industry. After a CNC programmer develops instructions for a computer controller based on blueprints, a set-up CNC operator downloads the program and performs test operations to ensure the product is made to specifications. A CNC lathe operator then takes over production, running the machine and monitoring it for problems.

Entry-level operators load materials, such as blocks of titanium, steel, aluminum, or plastic, into CNC machines to be shaped. They calculate the amount of material to be fed into the machine, and make adjustments to the operating speed based on vibrations and sounds that may indicate a malfunction. Upon completion, an operator inspects the fabricated part to make sure that it matches specifications. Operators are responsible for cleaning and maintaining equipment, and often operate multiple machines.

Experienced CNC set-up operators download control programs into individual machines and perform test operations to guarantee the machine properly creates the precise part. Set-up operators may work with a CNC programmer or modify the program directly before an entry-level operator takes over production.

Previous exp on CNC machine preferred.

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North Little Rock, AR


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Temp to Hire Position


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CNC Lathe Operator

City, State or Zip Code: North Little Rock, AR

Position Type: Temp to Hire Position

Date Posted: 9/10/2018